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I'm so glad I've found this community!

Hello chubby_rockers! :waves:

I stumbled across this community and it prompted me to sign up for a new LJ, just so I could join. I' a 23yr old female lady who has crushes on rockstars and boys who have more curves than is fashionable. Combine the two and I get a bit overexited. 
Musically, I like indie, emo, screamo, punk, rock. Anything from Blur to Rammstein really. (And some electro).
As for individual rockers, Gerard Way is my current obsession. I'll stick some pictures under a cut. 
I've got lots of pictures.

Sorry for the poor quality of the second image. I ripped it out of a magazine. I'd just like to draw attention to the fact that shirt clearly dosent fit him. And it's a recent pic from Download 2007, I think. 

<3 Lucky
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