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Merry xmas, have a mince pie

Merry Xmas, here are some pictures of boys. ^_^
Because maybe a few pics will kickstart this awesome community.

I'm still obsessed with Gerard Way, but last time I checked he was going through one of his thin phases. I prefer to remember him when he was at his best, drunk, punk and a bit of a mess. What can I say, I dig bad hair.

Next up: Old news, I know but Jared Leto (who sort of rocks between acting) gained 62lbs to play Mark Chapman in Chapter 27. Not sure if it was an improvement but someone here might appreciate these rare photos of him before he fasted and lost it all. He is barking mad, though.


And what do we think? Is Iwan the most fanciable of the Automatic, especially since Pennie left?

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